Monday, August 29, 2016

The wonderful joys of bug-fixing

After getting some feedback from a few testers, I have been working on the game to give it a much needed overhaul. There weren't too many bugs (at least not serious ones), but I had to adjust a few tiles passability, and some minor stuff here and there. For the most part, I have been adding quality of life improvements (now you can get a small tour of the first city early on, I changed a few things on how the mouse system works, I added the load option in the main menu, so you don't have to exit to the title screen if you want to load a previous save) and I plan to add a few more (now that the dust is settling on the control scheme, it seems like a good time to add a short control tutorial, I'll keep it outside the main game, because I hate long-ish tutorials that interject in the game over and over, so a self-contained area as an option before starting, seems the best).

Another thing I am working on is the presentation: adding more details to maps, closing off more clearly unusable areas, reconsidering the musical score, etc. The more time consuming bit as been changing the main protagonist to use another set of graphics (something not from the rtp). I knew my small edits were probably going into the trash, but this was sooner than I expected! XD I had to re-do the custom graphics for some of the events which require them, as well as starting to edit a bust to have some actual nudity in the game (as I said it's just the bust, but at least you perverts will now have something to look during sex scenes ^_^). The edits are done by me, so they are not perfect, but I am going to make a bold statement here, and declare them "fappable". On the plus side, now I am done with the bulk of the work, I might work on further improving the nude edit, but as of now I have reproduced all the graphics I need. Something related to the presentation is also a possible change to the chararcter background, but that might affect the gameplay a bit as well, so I'd rather not spoil things (it's a minor thing, but hey, a game needs its mysteries too).

Thirdly, I am adding more content to the game. The open-ish nature of the game demands I either close off a lot of the structures, or I add more content, so I am trying to reach a compromise, and do a bit of both. I already have a few ideas lined up, and I am working on implementing those.

There is probably more, but trying to remember everything I did or I checked is hard, unless I have a specific reason to do so (usually, I remember the "to do" list, not the "done" one, when it's about small changes).

In other news I almost had a stroke this week when I saw the 250$ donation from JY! Thanks again, man!

I think this pretty much wraps it up for the week. I might decide to take an extra week or two, in order to add everything I want to the game, but I feel better now that I have a more focused scope as a goal. As always, ask me anything, and remind me if I am forgetting something I should mention. Otherwise, I'll see you guys next week! ^_^

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