Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New (and hopefully last) bugfix

Just like the title says, here is another bugfix for the issues that were reported to me and I could reproduce, as well as some problems I found myself:

Here is the link for the fixed web version:

I'll update the links here and in the various threads as soon as possible. :)


  1. Not sure whether this is fixed already in new version, but:

    She is doing a good job at patching you up (she used to do this a lot for you, apparently she hasn't lost her touch). You sit in silence for a while, as she works on the wound.

    "...Sorry about before, ok? And thank you for jumping in for me, but promise me you won't do it again, I don't want you getting hurt for me."

    "Ooow, that's so sweet of you! I love my best friend too!"

    She purposefully tightens up the bandage too much too hurt you.

    "If you keep blabbering nonsense, I'll have to disinfect the cut again... And again. Until you stop talking nonsense. There you go."

    Despite her tough talk, she limited herself to doing exactly what you needed.

    "I meant it when I said don't get hurt for me. No jumping in to catch a bullet or something equally dumb, or I'll get really mad, you hear me?"

    "Sure, besty!"

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

    She turns back to her work, but she doesn't protest too much. You think she likes it when you call her besty, but it would be impossible to get her to admit it, even under torture. Oh well, she is still your best friend, no matter what she calls herself.

    ... the line "yeah, yeah, whatever" ought to be in green and is in black.

    1. This managed to slip past the reports so far. It's fixed, although I don't know when a new update will come out with the fix (typos are low priority, so I'd need a bunch of them before pushing out a new release).

  2. Holy...I look away for a bit and you finished it, you beautiful person! Aye-ai-ai I am impressed! great gods, good on you! Take a bow. Take like, 3 dozen, if it won't hurt your back XD But seriously, good show, and well done! I need to heap more praise onto you *gets the forklift and the bulldozer* But, seriously, thank you. Your determination and dedications are a marvel, and a blessing, and I am so glad you did it.

    1. Eh, eh, I am glad as well. ^_^

      It was long overdue anyway, so it's a weight off my shoulders. I hope you are enjoying your time with this version, and that you'll take a look to the demo for my new game (whenever it's ready! XD).

  3. Another one, coming back from Dar's quest and immediately going to see her again:

    "Just shut up, ok? I am not going to say this again, so don't you dare to make fun of me right now. I am glad I met you, like in, really glad. I didn't think I would stay around for too long, I never do, but you might have changed my mind. You are the closest thing I'll ever have to a family, probably."

    "That's the one of the most touching anybody ever said to me... And coming from you, that's also the most shocking. You avoid being serious like if it was a plague."

    "I just told you not to make fun of me! You know what? I had a gift for you, too, but now I am not going to give you anything! I take back everything I said!"
    "WHOA! How long have you been there?"

    "No idea, I was laughing so hard, I lost track of time."

    She turns red, probably due in equal part to embarrassment and indignation.

    "There is nothing to laugh about, You try to listen to this and keep still."


    Those two events probably shouldn't fire at the same time and in that order.

  4. " so to speak, and he knows sports a bit of a monster "

    now, not knows

    1. "("Virtual Tlyer" is just as good"


    2. Fixed the typos.

      As for the weirdness in the text, I had actually forgotton to delete part of the scene during a copy/paste procedure (I do this a lot when there is a repetitive structure, to save time). Basically, you got a bit of text that belongs to another scene in the mix. Fixed it as well.

  5. How do you trigger the final quest?

    I haven't touched the game in two years—I completed as much content as there was back in 2014, which meant completing all three scientist quests. My Holo-glasses don't say what to do next for the "Alice in Wonderland" main quest.

    Also, I got a message when I jumped systems, sort of. But all the game said was "You received a message from ." with no name before the period and no message in my inbox. Possibly meant to be the message from the red light district officer (as I have completed both photoshoots) but glitched somehow?

    Is it relevant that I'm using RAGS 2.4.16 instead of 2.4.14?

    1. Did you use an old savefile? All those issues seem a bit weird, nobody reported them so far. It might be a problem with the different version of RAGS, but it seems a bit too extreme, so I don't know.

      As for the next step in the quest, you should get a scene as soon as you get back to the Drunken Cowboy, so I assume that didn't happen. If you have a save file from before receiving the message, could you try loading the game again, and see if the message is still empty?


      You didn't load the savefile without starting up the game, right? That always causes severe bugs.

    2. I'm using a pretty old save file, yeah, so that's probably the problem—the save file is associated with whatever version was current when I started playing Tales of a Drunk Cowboy a few years ago.

      I've tried reloading from a save file from before receiving the message a few times and the message is consistently blank.

      My approach is that I've been starting up the game and, rather than creating a character, loading the save file at that point.

    3. Yeah, RAGS isn't very friendly with old saves, compatibility issues always rise up.