Monday, July 04, 2016

Almost there!

I finished adding scenes for the relationship system, I added two more scenes you can get in the entertainment district (now the theater has something else to see there beside the magician). I also restored/completed the third branch for the ending (some will remember I was considering using just 2 branches based on your indoctrination, but now there are 3 different paths, for low, medium and high indoctrination, so you won't always have a traditional boss fight to overcome at the end). I have also almost completed one of the side-quests I wanted to cut to hurry the 1.0 release, so I am taking an extra day or two to complete that, then I should be ready for the closed beta. I have no idea how long the bug-fixing will take, but I assume one week for that should be enough, and some extra time for the web version after that (this will depend on Anon-dev availability to help, though).

In other, news, I got a 25$ donation from a certain kitten (Again, thank you very much!).

This should be about it for the week. As always let me know if I forgot something. The next post will probably be as soon as I get the closed beta up for the testers, and then whenever I get enough reports that everything work to launch the public version, so the schedule probably won't be weekly, for a while. See you soon! ^_^



  2. Woooohooo!....ahem....uhhhh yes, this is good news.

  3. squeeee so excited to see how this game plays out end-to-end! :D