Sunday, June 12, 2016

Doing the dirty work

My free time was a little fragmented this week, so I couldn't get into the rhythm to write much of anything. I decided to do more boring stuff when I could sneak in some work, like creating some more debugging actions for easy testing, some more work on the "items to export for chapter 2" list, jotting down some notes for the sequel, (finally) picking the tracks for the ending and working on  them (I had also forgotten to turn them off if you pick the "no music" option), and I wrote the intro to the house party event I mentioned last time.

Still nothing to really talk about in details, really. I would also like to mention that I didn't get a reply to my emails to the last two donors, I have waited for quite a while (maybe too long?), but if you read this, I sent the messages to the address paypal provides, it's fine if you didn't want to answer, but I figured I should make sure it didn't end in the spam folder or something (if you do reply use the same email address, or at least identify yourself with the name used in the Paypal donation).

I think this is pretty much it, so until next week! ^_^


  1. Could you give us a recap of what's left to be finished before v 1.0 is ready to ship?

    1. I did a recap in the "checking my notes" post. While there are a few more things I would like to add, the current plan is to push a few of them to the 1.1 update (I plan to have some side-content for the game after the 1.0 release), so right now I need to finish the party event for the house, and add some content for the "relationship" system in the game. Basically, I want to add some rewards/scenes for raising your relationship with your crew. The only problem is balancing this stuff, since when you are in a romantic relationship, you get extra points that aren't available otherwise. This is it, though, I don't want to get swamped right now, so I decided to keep this update light. I already wasted a lot of time in the randomly generated quest system that didn't pan out well (it isn't completely useless, but I'll have to use javascript to circumvent some of RAGS limitations), so I figured I'd try to speed things up, and then get some rest, start working on a new game, while I work on the 1.1 update on the side, until I am completely done. Then I'll do chapter 2 once the new game is done.

    2. My body is ready. Is it still too early to ask for an eta?

    3. Still a little too early. I originally wanted to have more random scenes during travels, but it might feel too "crowded" compared to the main content, so I might not tweak that part. I also wanted to have more to do on Maltik (I am not too happy with it being there mostly for the main quest), but again, it's hard to do at this stage, and I might be better off doing it in a future update. There are always many small things to consider, this is especially true when considering that there will be a sequel and that I sadly didn't finish all the systems when I started working on them, and now that is affecting the workflow (I am wasting a lot of time going back and forth just to compile a list of items I should export from chapter 1 to chapter 2 which is incredibly annoying, to name one thing).

    4. (Different Anon)
      How does things get carried over? Will the player use a Chapter 1 save which contains these variables for the Chapter 2 game, or will it be more akin to how Rough Landing did it--by selecting options at the start of the new game? Regardless, I hope there will be things that gets carried over that weren't of use in Chapter 1 that might find use in Chapter 2--like the rubber chicken or that suit you could buy (among other things). ;] Please allow the space hamster and the combat drone (perhaps it'll develop a more sophisticated AI in Chapter 2) to continue to travel with me. Yay!

      I couldn't find the post (it was something like 1.5 - 2 years ago) where you had several ideas (half a dozen or so) about a new game. What have you tried so far? I know that you said that you were giving other game engines a go such as Twine and RPGMkr. **Where is that post? It was informative and gave insight to the ideas you were fiddling with. Can't remember if it was in response to someone or part of a main blog post though...**

    5. One of the good features in RAGS is the possibility to export/import variables. At the end of the game, you are asked if you want to export your data, and RAGS will create a file I can then use in the sequel to set variables. Exporting items is slightly more annoying, because I need to check what you own and then add items at the other end, but it's all done in one step, so the players don't have to worry about it. Boo and the drone will definitely appear in the sequel if you have them, don't worry (and so will a certain chicken, if you manage to keep it until the end). :)

      I think I had a post AND a comment about it. I have no idea where the comment is, but the post is named "Sharing my ideas for games I am likely going to work on in the future", with a title like that, you should be able to find it. XD

    6. Well okay then. (I started the search way too far back, lol, and instead found your recommended games list.) ;D

      Regarding the other bits. Yay!
      I have many other thoughts on them but considering you have so much on your plate right now with the game, I'll hold my peace. ^__^

    7. Ah-ah, if you have something you want to tell me, feel free to do so, what's the point of having this blog, otherwise? It's not like I have hundreds of messages everyday and I can't reply to all of them.