Monday, April 25, 2016

Still moving forward

So, I set up the system for the "quest-essential" rooms, although I am realizing more and more how RAGS probably isn't the best engine for randomizing things this way. As a result, I might make things slightly less random (again), to avoid running too many timers/loops. This is for various reasons: for example, I will probably always place the bridge in the last group room, because leaving it to chance would mean that some time you just need to walk one room to find it. I was also planning on placing one quest-specific room always in the second block, while adding one "special" random room in the first block, and then pick a random "theme" to fill the remaining rooms in each block (say, one block might have "sleeping quarters", another will have "storage rooms", etc.). It's a bit of a pity, but randomizing a lot of content seems to be rewarding only when you deal with large maps and such, so that the effort is worthwhile in the long run. Hopefully the final result will still be good, although it's hard to tell at this stage if I am wasting time on features that will not be of any actual use.

Anyway, I did fiddle with more stuff involving the random quests (you know, rooms descriptions stored in variables so that I can pull them whenever I place a room, images search and appropriate naming, testing the generated maps and the "clear map" action so that I can re-do the entire thing whenever I need it), but there isn't much to talk about there, it's pretty dry, boring work. This means I am already done for today, so until next week, stay tuned! ^_^

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