Monday, February 15, 2016

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

So, the first slave path is done. As I went through it, though, I felt some doubts over the other slave path. I'll probably do it anyway, but I felt like considering the possibility of just using the same one, and making it harder if your indoctrination is higher. It's a decent amount of work, after all, and I am not sure if the ideas I have would be different enough, gameplay-wise, to justify the effort I'd have to put in. So, I'll probably just do some minor things here and there, to keep me busy while I take the decision (maybe I'll start copying/adapting the code I have for randomly generated areas to create spaceships for the randomly generated quests I mentioned some time ago) and start testing the final quest on my own. I am happy with the writing, I believe it should be "hot enough", but there is always room for improvement, of course. Anyway, this is it for this week, I'll see you guys next sunday/monday. ^_^


  1. It's been... quiet. Almost too quiet.

    Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to hooking up that PS2 yet. I will! ...eventually. ^^' Bought a couple of recommended games which included Shadow of the Colossus. (Holy shit! They were expensive but they were highly recommended.) I'll slowly build up my library. Any great gems you guys fondly remember playing? Let me know! ;D

    Been watching an anime called "Hitsugi no Chaika". Still watching it. Pretty decent stuff so far! Here, check out this link for a few gifs from it. ;)

    I really like this gif. I first got interested in this anime because of this particular gif I found elsewhere, lol. I just hope it ends well (and not leave a sour taste like many others have done). On the flip side, this anime did a ~great~ job of not LYING to me of what it was going to be after the first couple of episodes which is another thing many animes are guilty of. (We've all been there.)

    Haven't noticed a girl in yellow yet though. -1pt :P

    1. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are great stuff. God of War 2 is a fun game too.

    2. I heard great stuff about SOTC but I never bought it because even used it was priced like 25-30€ and I am not too keen on spending that much on a used game... Well, now my PS2 is toasted, so it's not a problem anymore anyway. XD

      I'll give a look at the manga version of that, curious to see if it's to my liking. :)

    3. There's a HD remake that comes bundled with Ico which is much cheaper for the PS3, I think. :)

      Picked up KH1 some time ago. Just haven't fired it up yet. Thanks Anon.

      I'm now into the second arc of the anime, but if it's close to the source material, then, imho, it's much, much better than the Claymore one that you had previously recommended, Mdqp. Though I still have a few more volumes of that to read still.

    4. I need to beg for money harder, so I can afford a used PS3, and then get the HD remake. XD

      The manga of Hitsugi no Chaika is pretty decent, although I only found an incomplete version online, I might have to find the anime, instead.

      Claymore is good, although it lost steam along the way, if you ask me.