Sunday, May 10, 2015

As I expected...

I didn't get too much time to work on the game this week. I still wrapped up the second part of the quest, since it's fairly short and I already had a good idea on how I wanted to handle it. This section mainly provides some ways to use some of your traits, and gather more info on the situation you are in (and will mean some extra cash the more info you gather, and some of the things you'll find will give you a bit of a helping hand in the third part of the quest).

I also got a 5€ donation from a returning donor (thanks a lot!), so all the sitting on my ass doing nothing is really paying off! :p (in all seriousness, sorry for slacking, but I am sure you all know how busy RL can be... And I also made the mistake of re-installing Skyrim. A big, terrible mistake).

This should be pretty much it for this week, Sorry for the delay in putting up this post, it was a bit too late yesterday, and decided to publish this in the morning. Anyway, tune in next week for the next update!


  1. almost a year and still visiting this blog every week hoping for an update ...not rushing anything but i just wanted to say thanks for the weekly updates on the work you're doing i well keep waiting for the update from all the information you gave us i think it well be worth it ...

    1. Honestly, I do feel kind of bad for all the time it has passed since last release, but time constraints are what they are, it's hard to get past them (aka, real life is a bitch). I surely hope it will be worth the wait! ;)