Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another quest is (pretty much) done

I didn't quite manage to do the testing, and in the end I did miss a few pictures even if I was sure I had all of them, but everything else is pretty much done. Not much else to report, really, it was a pretty straightforward business, as I anticipated. So next up is adding some random events to the game, minor stuff here and there, basically.

Sorry, it's a bit late over here when I am writing this, but the last post covered most of the short-term plans anyway, so I probably don't need to get into details here as well, which means I can keep it short. Sooo.... Until next week! ^_^


  1. Should I just wait for the next beta or should I start playing the one from 6 months ago? XD

    1. You should probably wait for the next beta, since I will probably have a closed update for testing in the next few weeks. ;p

  2. I think so as well, keep playing the same story again and again would kill the fun. ^^