Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventuring! Quests! Lots of forest pictures!

So the quest keeps coming together. I have added the first part to it, there is a simple quasi-puzzle to get through, but it should be fairly easy to do, and it's there mainly to help create the atmosphere (hopefully the song I picked won't ruin the effect :p). I also started to work on the second part of the quest, which should be relatively short as well, and deal with some traits-related stuff (if you have all the right traits, you'll get something extra out of it). Then I'll work on the third part, which will involve some combat. It might be a random chance, but the encounters will be 1 or 2 at most anyway, and you'll have a chance to avoid them as well, so they should be an occasion to dust off your guns, if you feel adventurous, but nothing too challenging. Then I should work out some details for the ending, and handle the closure, including eventual rewards, extra items... You know, the usual stuff you should expect in a quest. I might have to do some more picture hunting, but right now it's more a case of "I thought of something I didn't plan for, so I have to go search for something appropriate", rather than missing any of the main assets.

So this should be about it for this week. I honestly didn't get as much done as I could, because I was waiting a package from Amazon, a new video card (my current one is old enough to make it impossible to run even certain 2d games now, because they stopped updating the drivers a while ago, and it just can't render certain things, and the fan makes noises that no human being should listen to), and spent the time lining up a few games to test, only to get the delivery hugely delayed, while I kept waiting day after day for the courier to show up like an idiot, which kind of got in the way more than you would think. Anyway, I have nothing more to say, so... Until next time! ^_^


  1. Forests you say? Forests lead to flowers... >.>

  2. You could always start a Kickstarter-type thing to get the models for Celeste and Darenzia to do all the photoshoots needed for a romance story, then donate the images to mdqp. I can recommend a really nice hotel in England, a cafe in Scotland, a pub in Wales, a wonderful patisserie in France, a charming cafe in Vietnam, a good restaurant in Cambodia, a cake studio in Iran, a Chinese restaurant in California, a quiet back-road in Spain, rivers in France and Laos, a gorge in Crete, waterfall pools in England, mountain crests in France and Austria, a meadow in Switzerland, oak-aged Riojas, a couple of really good champagnes and 20 beers.
    You can borrow my tripod if you need to.