Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back on the track

So, other than being without water for a few days (the area's pipelines got fucked up pretty badly, and repairs have been taking forever), things have been reasonably calm for a while, so I made reasonable progress with the game. Since I still am not completely sure on how to handle the second puzzle, I have been working on the endings to the quest, and some miscellaneous code for the various bits to come together. I am unsure if I should swap a character for another one I have in mind, but probably messing with things at this point might just make things take even longer, so I'll probably stick with this. The puzzle shouldn't be too hard to make, as I have a few ideas that should make it entertaining enough. Other than that, I will just have to test the quest, and see if everything works as it should, and I should be done with it. It will also help me assess whether it's too short or not. I get the impression two puzzles aren't too much, although you'll also have Celeste's parts to play. On the other hand, certain paths you can take with Celeste will allow you to bypass certain puzzles, so maybe I should add one lask, unskippable obstacle. Then I'll have to balance things out for number of in-game days the quest will take (I don't want to drag it for too long, as it might become boring, but that also affects how long the quest is, in practice). I will also probably add a few items/extras to find, so that exploring is a bit more rewarding (nothing big, though). If things were to feel too short, I might add 1 or 2 NPCs, and maybe add an extra day, so there is more variety, but maybe I am just worrying needlessly about this. :p

In other news, I got a 5€ donation from I.E. (thanks a lot! :D), so the funds for that hypno-ray keep piling up (I am sure that kind Nigerian prince will also be willing to help, once I send him 10000€ as he asked me).

And this should be it for the day. I am probably going to sleep soon (but I'll have to check the comments for the previous posts first!), so good night and until next week! ^_^


  1. I just want to finish the malena romance ;_; I hope there's a good sub and dom ending and not just bad ends for letting her have her wicked way with you.

    1. You and me both, brother...I've been waiting for Malena's completion for so long...

    2. Bah, away with you heretics and your false Jane's and Malena's. There is only one true waifu and her secret route of yuri goodness is foretold!

      "We must Dissent" ლ(╹_╹)

    3. We all know Jane belongs with Piper.

    4. Well, I think I mentioned it before, but if you give in to Malena all the way, you are going to get a bad end (a fun one, though ^_^)... Technically, not giving into her at every turn is the "good" sub ending (there is no dom ending with Malena, it just wouldn't fit for me).

      Anon#3 Wait until I give the game a sudden and shocking yaoi turn... :p

      Anon#4 I wish I knew that before I wrote the game... ;p

    5. Touché, but A Cat Is Fine Too. :p