Sunday, January 11, 2015

Slow week

It's that kind of week, a ssslllooowww wwweeeeeekkk...
Well, not that slow, but still. I kept working on the game, some minor picture hunting, adding what I think should be the last 3 characters for the quest and introducing them, and the first section of "real" gameplay. I wish I had done more, but I have been busier than I thought this week. Also, I might or might have not installed Fallout: New Vegas, played it for more hours than I'd be willing to admit, get disappointed, re-install Fallout 2 and become happy again. People had nothing but good words to spend for FNV writing, but I found it rather dull, compared to F2, and it doesn't have anything of the atmosphere of F1 and F2. I found some really good characters, especially among the companions, but most of them were forgettable. I could rant for much longer, but you get what I mean. :p

I also got another 10 € from W.B. (no, not THAT W.B.), thank you again!

Not much else to report or talk about, so I'll leave you all to despair for the inevitable start of a new week, as the week-end comes to a close. Until next Sunday! ^_^


  1. If you haven't try out Wasteland 2.

    1. FNV was only good in comparison to FO3, but I don't suppose you tried FO2 mods? Both MiB and Killap are really something.

      Also, sorry but WA2 is worse then fallout tactics. That game actually had a cool story with the vault0 and the cyborgs once you got past the realtime bull.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion, I might have to try W2 one of these days (I meant to, but it doesn't run on my PC too well, so I had to wait).

    3. I tried Killap's (I mean, even just the bugfix is a MUST, and the restoration project is a great addition). Never tried the other mod, though, I definitely should one of these days.

      Yeah, I felt like FNV didn't hold up against F1 & 2, at least for me.

      What did you find bad about WA2? I was thinking of picking it up, as I wrote above.

      I have yet to play tactics. I own it, but I heard it wasn't as good as the others, so I never installed it. Of course, now that I played the more recent Fallout games, I might have lowered my expectations enough. ;p

    4. Tactics is FA2 with an improved engine, it runs in real time as opposed to turn based and it's mission based rather then free roam. Still if you're not expecting Van Buren you *could* have some fun.
      (Or you could just get Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 or even SRR Dragonfall)

      WA2 is over hyped. Bugs and performance aside the combat is similar to XCOM2012 but even simpler and the story is just guilt tripping.

      I mean in most cases no matter what you do there will be some reaction later trying to make you feel like crap about it.

      ~Ano12/01/15, 20:10

    5. Who doesn't love feeling guilty while having no choice in the matter? XD

    6. ...Catholics? ^_^

    7. Well, if we get down to it, actually guilt seems to be the engine our society is built around. XD

  2. And here I am sitting and saying "God, I love New Vegas and that amazing DLC Storyline Connection." But then I remember something...I cannot really play this game again, because...yeah. All the stuff in the Beginning? Everything before Vegas? It is so boring and tedious for the most part.

    Also I kinda hate the Fallout setting...thats why I was so amazed by New Vegas(which I got on Steam for probably less than 5€ 2 years ago). Never got into the Lore, never liked the combat, but something about New Vegas clicked with me. Maybe its just my love for Obsidian.

    ...I should reinstall Alpha Protocol...

    1. I was also very disappointed to see how much they fractioned Vegas into such small areas. Having a loading time every 3 buildings wears thin very quickly. Up to that point I found just a handful of quests really interesting, and the rest felt ultimately filler, so by the time I got to Vegas, I couldn't be bothered to continue anymore. And the scripting wasn't too bad, some of the quests really had multiple solutions, but I felt often the writing was dull, I run into one of the worst DLCs ideas ever (Dead Money had awesome characters, but the setting said nothing to me, and the gameplay turned into a heartless chore pretty quickly), and the fighting and Xp giving was just stupid (Deathclaws are worth the same as those flying bugs? REALLY??? Also, fix your pathfinding, I just need to get on a rock, and the Deathclaws are insanely easy to deal with, you just need a lot of patience to SLOWLY kill them one bullet at a time, as the spaz around).

      I really like F1 & 2, they are actually my favourite games, but I think the first person view actually does it more harm than good, mechanics wise, and I also found NV surprisingly empty of interesting set pieces (the loot was some of the most unrewarding things I have seen in ages. You got into a random cave, fought terribly hard enemies, and got a couple of bobby pins for your troubles. You strolled around, and found a named weapon... Seriously? I get it when it happens sometimes, but all the fucking times?).

      I should reinstall AP too. The combat was kind of bad in that one as well, but I love so many other things in it, I can overlook the fights (bosses were especially bad, if I remember correctly).

    2. I found Dead Money kinda unplayable. This was the only content of the game in which I said "fuck it, I will just cheat the hell outta it" and I mean I even cheated the "walking to quest marker". But it also had such interesting characters and I liked how it started this DLC Storyline which ended in the last. And I kinda want to applaud them to give to something DIFFERENT for once in a DLC. Its not "here is the same thing like the core game, but with a different monsters" but "Hey...New Vegas is now survival horror. Have fun." Again, I do not like the gameplay but atleast they tried. Or Old World Blues going completely insane. Just having fun for once.

      Me personally I just dont really like the old school type RPGs. Hell I am not even the open sandbox type rpg fan. Its just not what I grew up with and I simply cannot get in some games. I do have Divinity Original Sin lying around but I simply can not get into the game. Just not my cup of tea, but I love that games like these are coming back. Wastelands is also nothing for me but thank god these games exist. Diversity is a very very good thing.

      And yeah...AP is pretty broken combatwise but it still so much fun. Its like Mass Effect done right.

    3. It was really a chore to play, which makes me wonder who tried it and didn't realize how boring it was (also, they hype the guys in the hazmat suits, but they aren't really all THAT difficult). I liked the characters, really, I feel like the plot was a bit "meh" with too many unanswered questions, the atmosphere was nice, it did feel more dangerous, and kept you more on the edge compared to the rest of the wasteland.

      What is this heresy I hear about? You will like classic RPGs, and you will like them NOW!!! XD XD XD

    4. Its probably because as a kid I was the "oh football manager" or "this theme park/hospital is so awesome" kinda gamer. Even though I also was quite a pc gamer, I just never played RPGs. Through some gaming compilation(GOLD GAMES~!) I got some "The Dark Eye" CRPGs but I never "got" it.

      So my first real rpg I played and loved was Knights of the Old Republic and this was more a modern rpg than a classic rpg.

      Bioware ruined my clssic RPG enjoyment. Which is strange considering their background but hey... :D

    5. Oh, I like tycoon games as well (I especially enjoy Railroad Tycoon 2, for some reason, maybe I just like playing with trains :p).

      I actually started playing CRPG quite late (in my early twenties) so I just like those games, even when they are old (not too old, though, because the interface starts to become a real problem the more you go back, and even the narrative suffers from the technical limitations of the era).

      KOTOR is a good RPG, so I shall forgive your insolence toward the older, glorious RPGs of yesteryear. ^_^

  3. "I could rant for much longer, but you get what I mean. :p"

    I do not sir, in fact I demand further ranting!
    Preferably one that also includes an anime review ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

    1. I hope your desire for ran is sated by my comments above. XD

      No answers for that other craving of yours, though, reviews aren't coming up, at least for the time being.