Monday, October 27, 2014

I am still alive...

...In case you were wondering! I have been busy with the closed beta for a while, mainly reading reports and bugfixing (although I'll have to move soon to add some extra content on some of the romance endings, to improve them). So not really much to talk about. I have been trying some interesting stuff in my RPG maker side-project, and I am happy with some simple interface and gameplay solutions I have come up with for it. I think I could make a decent game out of it, although progress is inevitably slow, as I still work on TOTDC for the most part. I'll get back to the normal update schedule, once I finish working on this version of the closed beta, and I can finally go back to work on expanding the game some more. Until next time! ^_^


  1. You know...I have to thank you for this post as I didnt know that I would get the closed beta again. So I checked my mail and bam...well now I know what I have to do today. And then hopefully send you that report even though its 10 days late :D

    1. And if my massive rags savegame folder is correct, then this should be my 10th full playthrough of this game. So thats something.

    2. Well, once in the beta, always in the beta (unless you are a tester and you give me just radio silence for too long, maybe :p).

      If I knew some people didn't check their e-mail, I would have posted this sooner, but it's never too late to enjoy the game (and suffer the bugs ^_^).

  2. I was wondering... will you eventually add more planets or are you happy with those already in the game?

    1. I actually got a similar question not too long ago, in relation to the "future plans for TOTDC" page, which is a bit outdated at this point. I probably won't add more planets, although I am not 100% sure yet. Over time the game grew bigger than what I expected, so now adding a new planet comes with all sorts of "baseline requirements" which makes adding new ones a lot of work. I might still add another one or two, but I'll probably just expand the current ones, it seems the best approach, all things considered.

    2. getting a bit ahead of myself, but once you reach 1.0 release, is there any chance that we can submit additional planets/sidequests/etc here or on the collective for you to add into the game?

    3. I think it would be possible to discuss such things, sure, but once the game is finished, I would also like to work on setting things up for chapter 2, and start focusing more on my RPG maker project.

      Since I leave my games unlocked, I would probably be fine with people adding their own content to the game without me getting directly involved, as long as the new content is clearly categorized as such, but that too would have to wait until I release an official 1.0 version, because I don't want to cannibalize the audience, with multiple versions of the game, when it's not even completed.

  3. Really excited for the next update, thanks for all your work!

    1. Thanks for liking my game!

      I only wish I could work faster on the game, I always seem to get delayed. -_-

  4. Was looking at your blog and then I realized...

    "Ah f***! My ice cream is melting!"

    (And then kicked myself for yelling that out loud.)
    --Frequent Visitor Anon

    1. I wouldn't worry about it too much; erratic behavior is a well known side effect of the Mindscramblifier 5000™ turboprobe.

      Soon the conditioning will kick in, and you'll know the ice cream for the evil it is, and as such: that it's supposed to be forwarded to 'the Devious Q Island' for immediate 'disposal' post picture 'research' projects.

    2. Yup, what he said is all true. Now send me that ice cream!!!

      (actually, I am surprised my blog got you so interested, it seems so damn boring to me, I always think I should something to improve it, even if I am too lazy and I never actually do anything :p).

    3. Forlorn Ice Cream Anon
      I don't know how to respond to you two. You all are clever, devious, and terrible all at once...
      I saw a wolf tonight. It was not happy. With only a slight exaggeration, it was half the size of a small Buick. There was a lot of teeth--those stood out in the dark...

    4. You know, this reminds me of an old joke:

      Guy#1: "I saw 50 wolves!"

      Guy#2: "Please, stop exaggerating!"

      Guy#1: "Okay, maybe they were just 10!"

      Guy#2: "Seriously, do you know how long has it been since the last wolf sighting around here?"

      Guy#1: "I am sure it was at least 1 wolf!"

      Guy#2: "Now you are just pulling my leg."

      Guy#1: "Look, I saw a shadow, I don't know whether it was a big dog or a tree."

      The moral of the story? Feel free to exaggerate. :D

    5. Master Anon I prithee;
      Hither 'midst overmany fullsome fere, by my troth,
      thy tongue durst calleth myself -forlorn-?
      Nay, methinks not.

      Verily, whence comest thou?

      @mdqp ;)

    6. You guys have no idea! This thing was big and mean and had wings and everything! It was scary!

      I also saw a toad-like thing today. It was guarding the entrance to a church. The thing was hissing at me! Hissed! So I turned around and left. I mean, what else could I have done?

      I feel like we're moving off topic from the game, possibly, but that might be my imagination.
      --Ice Cream Anon

    7. 'Way I see it: the next time you drop acid - make sure it's not all over your rocky road! XD

    8. Did I mention Rocky Road? *Scratches head* Because that was exactly the flavor I had!

      *Raises eyebrow* ... You're a witch!!!

      *Rattles a jar of nuts and bolts at you* Away with thee physic one and keep away from my mind! ;P

      Y'know what? I'm going to give the game a run. I haven't played it in, well, I can't even remember, lol. Great game though! ^^" Oh also, I need slice-o'-life recommendation for a manga. *Looks at Mdpq expectantly*


    9. Man, that Mindscramblifier really did a number on me. I went back over a year on the blog and still didn't find the version of the game I was playing. No wonder I couldn't find the new content. You guys tell me, did I not download the latest public version or did I just misplace it or what? It's obvious I can't rely on my own recollection of events lately... And I don't feel drunk; though, I feel a little bit of a hangover... How does one get to the maid quest thingy (that was a thing, wasn't it?) and what awesome cool, new extranet entries did we get if they're not too much of a spoiler? (Spoiler: The guy in the cell got me this time... I thought that was a bad move, lol.) Wow, I'm all over the place tonight; I'm sorry.

    10. What did I just walk into? O_O

      Well, it sounds like you guys are having fun, at least.


      Nice comic! :D


      A funny slice of life manga might be "Living Game", if you ask me, although it depends on what you are looking for, unfortunately slice of life is a pretty big category, but I hope you'll like it.