Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guess who did nothing this time around?

The answer would be me, in case you were wondering. I did have a lot of free time this past 2 weeks, but I ended up wasting most of it catching up with youtube series I follow, or playing videogames I hadn't touched in a while. You know, basically I slouched around, and it was great. This also means I didn't too much with the game, though, but I thought you should know, in case you were wondering how things are going

Anyway, I will probably do some more work on the game, this week, as I have a few ideas for certain encounters I should have added to the game since a while ago, so there is that. I also got some feedback for the web version. Apparently, it has some major game-breaking bugs, but the good news is that I got some help from another user over at the hypnopics collective, and the next release should have at least some of the major issues fixed (I should have a new bugfix for both the web version and the normal version ready within this week).

This should be everything. Since I have almost nothing to report, I don't think I am actually forgetting anything, this time around, but as always feel free to post any question you might have in the comments. ^_^


  1. Y'know the whole "game procrastinating thing" I can forgive, but the sheer lack of anime reviews in that post is inexcusable! ^_^

    And now for something completely different:

    Stay cool mdqp, and hope you got a hint or two from that one. :p

    1. You know, I am trying to come up with something more pertinent to what I do, instead of anime reviews, that's why I was quietly trying to not bring any attention to the lack of reviews! :P

      I haven't got any good ideas so far, though. XD

      Always, ALWAYS look at the bright side of life! *whistles along*

    2. " I am trying to come up with something... ...instead of anime reviews...
      Always, ALWAYS look at the bright side of life! *whistles along* "

      Hoisted by one's own petard, well played.