Friday, February 22, 2013

Crawling forward

As you probably guessed, things are moving forward slowly. I am mostly done with this part of the quest, but I had to scrap an idea I had, when I realized that it would be really clunky thanks to the current interface (I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner). Also, I am second guessing my choice of pictures for Celeste in this mission, maybe I will pick a different gallery, after all (it's a pity, because I really like her in this gallery, but there aren't enough viable pictures in there).

As if that wasn't enough, I am kind of busy, because I have an exam next week, and I got caught up with a new game I am playing recently, so uh, let's say I haven't been as productive as I could have been (it's the kind of game I wanted to play in years, and then bam! It suddenly appears... Now I can't get away from it... -_-).

I wish I add a better vision for this part of the game (that might have helped me now), but while I have the general idea down, I have changed my mind too many times on several things, so it makes harder to take decisions, as I am afraid of moving too far away from the original concept.

Oh well, maybe a good night of sleep will provide the inspiration I am seeking.


  1. Take your time, work as good as yours is worth the wait. What's the new game you've been playing? Maybe it can distract us as well ;)

    1. Whether I like it or not, these days I will be so busy there is just no way I am going to work on the game... I guess it will be a chance to think of what to do next! :D

      The game I am playing is Crusader Kings 2, but I doubt many people would like it, it's kind of a niche within the already not too big world of the grand strategy games.

      I just like the idea of taking control of a dinasty, and lead it to its success (or its downfall ^_^), and this game just hits the right spot with me. For the same reasons, I like a very different game (The guild), but this one is a tad too easy, and after a while one can become so powerful the game presents almost no challenge at all, by that point... But enough of my ramblings about video games, otherwise I could bore you all to death! :D :D :D

    2. I don't suppose you tried the game of thrones mod for it?

      I'm not really fan of the setting but the mod makes the game something awesome..

      And a side note - DON'T START MODDING THE GAME!
      (once you start its easier to get off crack then actually PLAY the bloody game :))

    3. I haven't read the book or seen the tv series yet, so I wouldn't be drawn by the setting either. Does it improve the gameplay? How so?

      I think I am already a lost cause, unfortunately... ;p

    4. Again I'm not one to tout that setting (quite the opposite really) but they added a truckload of events, art assets and even a working duel system.

      But honestly it means nothing to me when "the Kingdom of Vale" conquers "the lands of Dorne" but when Scotland rules over the HRE and the Ottoman empire invades Finland it just gives me a migraine.. ;)

    5. Well, I started as a Duchess in Italy in my first playthrough, and I could have probably conquered the whole holy Roman Empire, if I aimed for that from the very beginning (I wasn't as knowlegeable as I am now, thanks to the fact that the tutorial is buggy, and I had to learn stuff as I played). Since I was unsure between aiming for the Byzantine Empire or for the Holy Roman Empire, I ended up not being aggressive enough (I could still inherit the Byzantine empire, though, and if that were to happen, I could probably get both). Realism isn't the strong suit of the game, I believe... :D :D :D

      I'll have to take a look to the mod, sooner or later, I always like having a chance to roleplay the events, and the duels sound interesting.

  2. Hey mdqp if all else fails you can always just say "oh look you need to/a.l.i.c.e. forced you to perform a plastic surgery due to reason X" and violla now Celeste is suddenly open to a gallery change.

    Just don't go and pull a pc gender change on us! :D

    1. The problem with that are many, but basically, everyone who knew you with your previous face, now should be surprised or even disbelieving. It would be a nightmare, tracking down all encounters, and prepare for alternative dialogues if there are differences in the way you looked before. The only way it can work is for temporary disguises, but for the moment, I'd like to keep using the current model, I still have some spare galleries to fall back to, if everything else fails.

    2. (oocreepy)

      If that becomes a problem perhaps you could use similar models for some scenes. I think that some games managed to pull that off smoothly enough since there's usually quite some difference between model's galleries'd need to know a similar model ofc. The Google Image drag'n'drop thingy may help with that: put the image on the box, then go to "search tools" then check "similar appearance" (these are not the exact names since I don't use the english google version).

      And then there's the possibility of using photos without the model's head.

      Again, no idea if these are viable :P

    3. Using two models is a bit of a gamble, especially after I used a single model up until now (it would be really noticeable, after all this time).

      I do use pictures that don't show the head, from time to time. It's something you can't abuse, though, because having the face to never show up is a bit unsettling, at least for me ( It has that "creepy stalker" quality to it, so to speak).