Monday, January 28, 2013

Back on track

Soooooooo... I actually did something last week! Aren't you as surprised as I am?!

Let's see: I finished the first part of the main quest on Verania (which includes a new area, the coding for the quest itself and a combat... It's been a while since I added an old-fashioned fight to the game! :D);

I wrote a bad end (since I might use it on multiple occasions, It's a bit longer than usual... I believe it's a nice scene); I added ALICE's lines for when you'll be walking on Verania (she was speechless until a few days ago... :p);

I believe there were some other minor adjustments I had done, but I can't remember right now. Next up is finishing the main quest (I believe I am about 40% done, now I need the second half of the quest and the wrapping up at the end), and then I'll start working on bringing some life to Verania (right now, there are a lot of empty rooms... It's almost a ghost town!).

On the donations side, you'll be thrilled to know that I keep raking in money like there is no tomorrow. I got 30 US dollars from K.Z., another 20 pounds from jabajack and 2 euros from L.T.

You guys are really amazing... ;)

I believe this should be everything for now. Hopefully, I'll get to finish the quest within 10-14 days, that would really help the schedule, and would give me time to work on some interesting things (I have a few ideas for Verania, and I can't wait to see what I can get out of them).


  1. Is "Celeste and the tortoise.... I mean, the turtle" the main quest you are talking about? Or, is it just a fun side quest?

    1. That will be a side quest (hopefully, people will like it, I believe it is interesting, especially how it will interact with other choices you previously took...).

      The quest I am talking about involves meeting (and helping out) the creator of ALICE (the main quest is basically "fixing" Celeste, and most of it has to do with the 3 persons Darenzia mentions before you leave Europa 4).



    1. Hmmm... that should be


  3. Hello, great game! I'm wondering if you would put in STD'S for statues afflictions? Like they would affect Hp, shields, mental resistance, or a combination of them. I'm also wondering if your going to add more quests and random encounters to previous areas as you complete more of the main game?

    1. No STDs (in the future, we'll be past such trivial matters!!! :D :D :D).

      A bit more seriously, I believe I wouldn't be able to translate that into interesting gameplay mechanics, and also, several sex scenes already have a penalty for mental resistance, so that risk too would be an overkill (plus, either you can get cured for money into an hospital, and then it becomes just tedious micro-management, or you can't get cured, which could be really unfair, especially if it's a random chance that decides if you get the disease or not).

      I will add more quests for sure, and I would like to add more random encounters, too, but random encounters have a low priority at the moment, because they are usually not too important, they need a decent amount of balancing to do and the mechanics behind it are easily exploitable (which means people can just go back and forth in the various areas until they trigger all the events, which I believe is the kind of design that leads to bad gameplay).

  4. I found about your game few days ago...
    And i got only few words....
    IT'S THE BEST RAGS GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really like the thinkgs that happen to you when you are careless(poor Celeste xD).
    I've played many games on Rag and you are on the first place, without doubt or even questioning.

    And now to my question ^.^
    I'd love the idea of Virtual System, and The story of O was very nice.
    But what I would like to know if there are plans for more smexy virtualities that you would be able to explore.
    And have control in them.
    Make choices that will affect your Mental resistance.
    Or even choose which character you play during that story.
    You know like choosing which slave you are or which master.

    I hope that i didn't say anything that offends you.
    And I don't want to make you do them right now.
    Just asking if you have plans like that.

    Once again thank you for this game, and i really can't wait for more of your briliant game making ^^

    Bye bye

    1. It's always cool when I make it to the top of someone's list! :D

      Yes, the idea would be to add other possibilities to the VR system, both sexy and not, and I would like to make some of them more interactive.

      I haven't thought of the details yet, though, as I am trying to move forward the main plot, right now.

      You didn't say anything offensive, so I am not offended. ;)

    2. It's not big deal with you at top.
      You are just amazing so it's normal that you are there. :)

      You just make the rest of my day happy with that answer.
      Thanks for that.

  5. in 0.6a:
    you need to switch weapons before any weapon improvements take effect

    you can go into your base's workshop an infinite amount of times to upgrade weapons(because checking to see if you upgraded uses 'workshop upgrade' and upgrading the weapons uses 'darenzia workshop upgrade')

    i was going to fix all the typo/grammar errors until i found out the trial version of the designer doesn't actually let you edit 'large games'
    then i thought of putting them all in a text file and sending you that,but i'm not sure if you made all those typo/grammar errors on purpose

    1. You are right! This one is very old (there is a variable I don't even use anymore, and its use as the "middle man" was causing the problem. Now the games takes the values directly from the variables tracking the weapons stat, and there shouldn't be any problems anymore), I could have missed it until the very end, since it's not too noticeable. Thanks!

      Fixed this now (it should have checked for both variables, not just the workshop upgrade).

      Some typos might have been on purpose, but most of them are probably due to mistakes I have made. If you feel like undertaking this work, it would be a great help for me.

      P.s. Would you pick a nickname for your next post? There are too many "anonymous" around here, and as I said before, it can be confusing for me, as I never know who am I talking to.

    2. Haha, if you have free time why not help me out. I was inspired by ToTDC and decide to make my own. A working demo should be out in a few weeks.

  6. I'm so glad you're back to work on this! Eager to see what sorts of things you come up with. :)

    1. Eh, eh, I am glad too! :D

      Right now I am in the middle of coding part of the main quest, and I am having some troubles coming up with interesting mechanics. The plot is pretty much written, but I am unsure what's the best way to go about this... And as I wrote this, I got a decent idea! :D :D :D

      I should write about my problems more often, if this is the result!

  7. I've been playing Blanked a bit, and I was wondering how you get access to the Penthouse. I need to get David Marshall and Lawrence Powell under my boots before I can get peace of mind :(
    If you'd spoil how to do this, I'd be eternally grateful!

    1. To get to the penthouse, you need the red keycard. To find it, you must enter the "staff only" area, either by stealing the keycard from the maid, or by seducing the receptionist, if I remember correctly.

      If this isn't enough, you can find a full walkthrough with Ann at this page, in the last post, under spoiler:

      Let me know if that helped! ;)

    2. You are the sexiest motherfucker on this planet! Thanks!

  8. Will it be possible for Alice to get a body near the end of the game? Different bodies for a infected Alice and a virus free Alice. And will their be a sequel with the abilite to import your decisions from the first?

    1. Alice will get a body in chapter 2, but not in chapter 1... And it might not be what you are imagining right now. ;) There won't be different versions of the body, and there won't be different versions of ALICE (the plot doesn't allow for that, basically).

      The game will have 2 chapters, and it will be possible to import your decisions. They should be actually considered a single game, but considering how big the game is already becoming, and since the story has 2 different arcs, I thought it would be a good idea to split it, and allow me to work more freely on some choices and consequences. Just a fair warning, though: I might work on a different game between chapter 1 and chapter 2, because I imagine I will want a change of pace, once I am done with the first part of Celeste's story.