Thursday, September 06, 2012

I worked on something! ... It wasn't the game, though...

I passed the exam I failed last time, yay me! I also did some work on the game, but it's a moderately complex scene I am working on right now, so it's taking some time (it will branch off differently, depending on your love situation, so it's forcing me to write a lot of text).

On a side note, I might change the way Piper is recruited right now. Several people raised doubts about the current way over the time, and I am beginning to think that they are right. The way it is now, it's tied on a side quest, and you also need to sleep with her, which sounds a bit off, especially now that I am working on romances. So, I might change something, make the Titty Twister available since the beginning, and change how you get to impress Piper to the point of having her follow you as a shiny beacon of hope... Or something. I would like to keep her optional as crew member, but only time will tell.

That's it, I guess. Nothing to see here, move along!


  1. Noooooo I like the crazy part of Piper *giggle*

    Maybe, just maybe you could make that she has an implant that is making her following you, but she don't know the porpuse of it till she is activated by the ones who are against you!

    That would make sense, and it would drive you into a miniquest to either deactivate her implant or be evil and control her fully - because of the Influence of ALICE that's -1 one point in your sanity -

    Its a crazy Idea, but that way, you shouldn't have to change the whole programming you already done on her... Just add more stuff to her. And also that would make sense on why she is on the Titty Twister. :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Hey! I didn't say I would change EVERYTHING! I just wanted the players to be introduced to her in a slightly different way (maybe in a rescue her/abandon her kind of situation in front of the Titty Twister, where if you help her she follows you afterward while if you don't help, she remains in the Titty Twister... The rest would be as it is now, with her sneaking in your ship and her usual attitude toward everything).

      I can't talk about her past and why she is how she is, because spoilers, but there is the beginning of an hint in her dialogues, if you bother to talk with her once you recruit her. ;)