Thursday, August 09, 2012

Just a quick status update.

The romance for Jane is done, at least as far as I think I can put in the game currently (since there aren't enough planet/locations yet, adding more would make things "crowded").

Next, I am probably aiming for Malena (AKA groupie girl), and once I am done with her, I will start putting together some interactions if you cheat on one of the girls once you start going "steady". This sort of thing will probably be a work in progress for a long time, and I'll need the players help to track down all the possible inconsitencies between the text and your current love situation (I think I kept the text fairly neutral on this regard, but there might be lines here and there that don't fit, and this is probably something that the testers won't be able to fully point out for me. After all, there is a LOT of text in the game.).

The poll has been officially closed for quite some time now, and the result, as expected, was a suggestion to work on the loose ends still present in the game, before adding new stuff, so that's what I'll do once I am satisfied with the relationship system update.

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  1. Yeah,
    good News. Already waiting impatiently for this update ;)
    Please Keep Going.

    Your Fans