Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's another exciting and wonderful status update... Not.

As you know already, I am working on improving the relationships/adding romances to the game.

Right now I am still working on Jane's part of this, and while I have made progress, I am wasting a lot of time in finding a good balance for the system, and thinking of a good scheme to make it work. I have added 3 scenes that are supposed to "introduce" you to the romance, and that give you a way to get out of it before it gets serious, in a sense. It should do for a good pacing to start a romance, if you follow it.

I am also thinking of some ways to keep things simple, while still giving the players something to do. I won't lie, romance in a game that isn't mainly about romance can be a real pain, and my game is sandbox-ish, so it makes things even worst. Since the game it's a long way from being done, I also have the problem of being unable to see how the pacing of the romance is going to work against the main story pace, so I have been worrying about this, too. Anyway, I think I am getting a handle on how I should go about it, and I should have something for my beta-testers in 2-3 weeks, I hope.

My posts are sliding toward the middle of the week because there isn't a good amount of progress done, just a lot of planning and switching back and forth some ideas, testing out how they work and all that, so I always get kind of demotivated when this happens, and end up waiting too long before writing. In case you were wondering, now you know why I don't keep a neat schedule with my posts here. :p


  1. To be honest...where is the new big, big, big, big upgrade:)
    what a shame:)
    So whatever....i thought the last days how can i support i think i maybe found a way, but just if you want it, i will send you a link in the, if you are interested in it, just let me know, then i gonna seed it for you.
    But....just if you still work on the game and the link does not distract you too much:)

    Greets HtB

  2. Comment are i guess you are still awake, i start seeding now, so you can take it anyway:)

  3. I am curious to say the least. What's this link supposed to be about? Yes, I am still working on the game (I have an exam today, though, that's also why development slowed down. I hope it goes well... -_-).

    1. I wish you good luck for your exam.
      About the link (you got it as pm from me yesterday) is...hmmm a powerful tool.
      I don´t wanna kill the suprise, also it could be that you don´t want it.
      Just check it and then decide.:)

    2. Thanks... The exam went badly, unfortunately (I am a worthless human being, and deserve nothing but scorn from the others... I wear my self-pity like a cape! :D).

      Anyway, I saw the link, and while I thank you for the thought, I won't use it. It would slow down things even more (I would need to work on it myself), without considering the need for adequate props, etc. I would be better off finding someone who already has experience with it, and ask if he/she wants to help me. :)

    3. Capes are so 80´s. Maybe you should drop it, take a larger break from doing a game and study more for your exams.

    4. Well, I should study more, but I waste a lot of my time on many things, not just the game... I should at least cut on these, before working even less on the game! ;p

      P.s. Capes rules, always! ;p