About Blanked

My second game. This time, the coding and the writing are definitely better, although there are more than a few shortcomings even in this one. It's about mad scientists and their plans for global domination through worldwide mind control, in a nutshell. You play as the pawn of one of said scientists, on his first step toward his goals.

This time around, Rough Landing 2 (by benmbedlam) was the inspiration. Maybe I started this game to see if I could put together a variation on some of the themes (a single building as a setting, a time limit, big bad conspiracies) that were a part of RL2 (probably my favourite MC-themed game so far). The result isn't that bad, in my opinion. While lacking in originality, I think I did a good job with the mechanics, this time around, and the game is enjoyable for me. There were a few things I cut in this one, too, but not as much as my first game.

Fun fact: this wasn't supposed to be my second game. My second game was supposed to be something that would probably resemble Cursed (by Anonimous Man) and Unnamed Bimbo Game (by Nandibear), but it sunk under its own weight, due to problems in the plot department (I changed the premise I don't know how many times... It started getting worse with each new idea, so it ended up being canned). I think that only one or two persons ever saw the alpha of the game, besides myself. There aren't any copies of it anymore, I completely deleted it, and it was probably for the best. I still have the urge to go back and start working on something similar again, but I managed to stop myself up until now.