Monday, March 21, 2016

Sorry, another week void of content

I have been busy with some IRL stuff, plus I was a little sick the last couple of days. Nothing major, but it discouraged me pretty effectively from working on the game. I hope things start to get better soon, but next week might be a coin toss as far as having free time goes, so it's not great either. :(

Oh well, there is always time after that, I guess, but I'd rather hope I get something done this week. Fingers crossed, and until next time! ^_^


  1. No one would fault you if you need to take a break, your life and health should come first.

    1. Yeah, but on the other hand, he's been "on a break" on the anime update front for a bit too long, me thinks. ;P Hey! Get off Factorio already and tell us some interesting anime-related stuff! :) Please don't go! The drones need you! (We) look up to you.

    2. Well, here, an animated .gif for all you anime fans:

      It's animated. You'll like it.

    3. ...doesn't load. ;__;

    4. Yeah, but taking breaks is dangerous. It's okay not to do anything when I can't, but taking a break willingly makes it harder to come back to it. I really want to wrap this up, especially now that the ending is in place.

      Don't remind me of Alpha Centauri, I might start playing it again, and then you would never see an update, ever. XD

    5. The .gif above is kind of HUGE and takes a while to load. If it's really not working for you or you just can't read that fast, here's the video version: