Thursday, December 04, 2014

Slow progress, public release unlikely to happen within 2014

The title says it all. Between some stuff IRL, and the 2 weeks it took me to wrap Jane's romance up, I don't have high hopes to release a public update this month, as I was hoping. The good news is that Darenzia's side-quest is coming along nicely, so I hope it won't take forever before I can give you all a more definitive ETA for a public release. Sorry to disappoint you guys. :(

I'll try to work as much as I can on the game, whenever I have some spare time, to try and push things forward.

As far as donations go, I got 35€ from A.S. and 10€ from K.E., thanks a lot for your generosity!

Since I don't want to spoil things for Darenzia's quest, I don't have much else to say (although I can safely mention a character you can see just briefly will probably make an appearance... :p), so I'll leave you guys on a short notice, sorry again for the delay of the public release.


  1. Darenzia is Love, Darenzia is Life

    1. I hope we have little discriptors for everything like her other solo mission (and appropriate music). Those were the best--THE BEST!! Always gave me a smile or a laugh. ;P

      Btw, I meant to say this a while back in the last blog update. Thanks for all the detailed responses and especially the sneak peek at some of the possible things we can encounter in this and other projects. My girlfriend is absolutely intrigued about some and loves others. (She read the responses even before I did!) I'm sure this will backfire after she reads this but I don't know if I dig her more or frightened about how naughty and kinky she can be. ;)

      --Anon via Cell whose gl sometimes sports yellow (wink-wink) :D

    2. ...huh?

      I get the "thanks," but the rest... wtf?

    3. This is going to be like Jane's quest, so you'll still play as Celeste in this one, and you'll be helping Darenzia with a personal problem. I would like to add one more "solo mission" for both Darenzia and Jane, but I'll have to figure out how I want to do it (I might even consider adding them after the 1.0 version of the game, it depends on how things go).

      Trying to let you guys know as much as possible is the point of the blog, right? Also, I like rambling about my game, so no need to thank me. :)

      Eh-eh, glad to hear your girlfriend likes my game as well. ^_^

      Anon2: It's kind of a running joke by the other anon, in a sense, my comment section is kind of a wild ride, don't fret the details too much. ;)

  2. insert vader-style 'Nooooooo' here